Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Have some coffee, clean-up the Bay

For readers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, there’s an opportunity to use your caffeine addiction to preserve habitat, improve water quality, and educate young people about ecology. Through June 3rd, area Starbucks will make a 10 cent donation to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation every time you buy a drink in a travel mug.
As it happens, Starbucks all over the country will give you a price break (generally a dime) every time you use one of those reusable cups. At $12-$15 (or more) for the travel mug, it’ll pay for itself in a mere 120-150 (or more) cups of coffee. OK, so that’s not a huge incentive, but it does mean keeping a great deal of waste out of landfills. While you’re at it, you might bring a cloth napkin with you while you enjoy your Bay-friendly(-ier) beverage and avoid throwing out more paper. (Being the only weirdo who does this is beginning to lose its novelty.)

Image source: REI


Pat Jenkins said...

now i don't drink coffee erd, does that mean i am helping the enviroment?

E. R. Dunhill said...

Coffee is an environmental Pandora's box. The fact that you're not buying factory-farm hybrid coffee, grown half a world away in a country with lax environmental standards is good for the environment. There is, of course, coffee that is produced and shipped in a much more benign way.

Pat Jenkins said...

then i will proudly consider myself an ENVIROMENTALIST!!!.. he he!!