Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stamp out obesity -- fill your gas tank with sugar

Think of all the teenagers who filled gas tanks with sugar to disable a vehicle -- who knew they were forward looking environmentalists.

The United States and Brazil lead the world in the production of ethanol, a substitute for gasoline. In the U.S. the primary feed stock for ethanol is corn, but those wily Brazilians produce their ethanol from sugar cane.

Highly placed spokespersons for the Brazilian ethanol industry, acknowledge -- off the record -- that their goal is not only to provide automotive fuel, but to lead the world fight against obesity. Diverting sugar cane into fuel production instead of the production of cakes, cookies, candies and ice cream, is all part of a plot to raise the price of those artery clogging goodies to such an extent that your average couch potato will have to turn to healthier treats while channel surfing.
Image from My Chocolate Heaven blog April 2008


E. R. Dunhill said...

Sue (and Chris and Prog),
Do you think the US will bury the hatchet with a post-Castro Cuba and start buying cheap Cuban sugar?

Sue said...

while my post was purely a humor piece (the reference to Brazilian officials is totally fiction) -- my guess is that the U.S.'s stand on using ethanol is more a response to domestic agricultural lobbies, than a committment to ethanol. If we had to import feed stocks for ethanol, I suspect that there would be a preference for some other domestic solution (e.g., plug in electric cars that feed off of domestically produced wind power).

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

ERD: It may depend on who's elected. Personally, I'd rather see cheap Cuban cigars!)

E. R. Dunhill said...

The joke isn't lost on me. Forgive me if I'm being characteristically humorless. It did get me thinking about the geography of sugar cane, though.

E. R. Dunhill said...

While we're at it, don't forget the cheap Cuban rum. Mojitos, anyone?

the teach said...

At first I thought you were going to suggest pouring refined sugar in the gas tank and stopping cars from going anywhere... then we'd all have to walk.! Ha!

Go Obama! Yes. We're on our way! :D

Pat Jenkins said...

i dare say, if you want a world in revolt, do away with sugar....that ain't gonna be pretty!!! he he!!

Sue said...

lol for teach and Pat J -- given my own addiction to all things chocolate, I suspect I might be one of those sugar rioters even though I know I'd be better off without it!